lakeside pier 290 with igloos in winter

7 Tips for Perfect Igloo Dining

Igloo dining is snow much — oops, so much! — fun; it’s the perfect winter outing for families, friends, and date nights! But, for as much fun as it is, it’s even better when you’re properly prepared and know what to expect. So read our 7 tips for perfect igloo dining, and then join us at our lakeside or palm beach igloos this winter!

1. Dress to Stay Warm

The igloos are heated, but it’s also winter in Wisconsin. The wind from the lake plus the cold air when the server opens the igloo door to bring in your drinks or food can affect the temperature within the igloo. You may feel more comfortable with a warm sweater or winter coat. And don’t forget to keep your feet warm with toasty socks and cute boots!

2. Bring a Blanket (Or Use Ours!)

Feel free to bring your own blanket or use one of ours to stay warm and snuggly in your private winter wonderland!

3. Timing Is Everything

Each igloo is booked for 90 minutes and cleaned between reservations. Be mindful of your time to help keep the other reservations on schedule. You can always grab a drink at the bar near the fireplace before or after your igloo experience to extend your winter Lake Life fun!

4. Stay Flexible with the Weather

This is Wisconsin, and even though it’s winter, the temperature can fluctuate like crazy! If, when you arrive for your igloo dining experience, the weather is  below 15°, raining, or snowing heavily, you may be asked to move your reservation inside to a table within PIER 290. While we would like to accommodate all igloo dining reservations, we also must keep the safety of our customers and servers in mind.

Lakeside igloos in the snow

5. Bring the Whole Family

Our six igloos (3 lakeside, 3 palm beach) fit up to six people comfortably. Bring the whole family to make it the perfect holiday season adventure. Kids eat free every day until 6pm, so join us for lunch, an early dinner, or even brunch on the weekends!

6. Make Sure to Celebrate!

Dining in an igloo in the winter isn’t your everyday lunch or dinner, so make it extra special with a celebratory toast! Order a bottle of champagne or your favorite spirit from our seasonal cocktail menu to toast to a fabulous holiday season and new year!

Igloo dining

7. Don’t Forget Santa Cruise

Right next-door to PIER 290 is the Lake Geneva Cruise Line’s winter harbor. Running from November 25 through December 30 is their winter boat tour, the Santa Cruise! Make your igloo dining experience a part of a festive day by embarking on a magical holiday cruise before or after your meal.

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