Holiday table set in front of a fireplace

Skip the Stress, and Let Us Host Your Holiday!


It’s almost Halloween and that means most adults are already looking ahead to the holidays.

Questions are running through their minds like – Where are we celebrating Thanksgiving this year? Whose turn is it to host? How will our growing family fit at Grandma’s house this year? Are you sure we should invite all the cousins – do we have enough chairs?

And that’s just the beginning. Then it turns to, how do I multiply my green bean casserole recipe to feed 50 people – is there an online calculator for that? Will 3 turkeys feed everyone or should we get 4? How much of the dinner can I make the day before so I actually get to spend some time with my guests or maybe even get a glass of eggnog?

Sometimes planning a large holiday party (have you searched holiday party ideas on Pinterest lately?) is a lot more fun than actually hosting the party. So this year, why not put more jolly in the holidays by getting it catered?  Lake Life Catering, providing off- and on-site catering, will prepare dishes that are festive, fun, delicious, and sure to please family members young and old.

Looking for more space for your holiday party? PIER 290 has three amazing, lakeside private event spaces that host groups up to 300. With your own bar, restroom, fireplace, and lake view, you’ll feel more at home than at your actual home. Plus, with all the time you’ll save by not cleaning and cooking, you can make holiday memories with your loved ones. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

Get out of the kitchen and into your own party by hosting it with PIER 290 and Lake Life Catering!

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