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Lake Life Catering Changing How Food Is Experienced On Lake Geneva

Chef Mike has chosen the Lake Life

If you’ve been around southern Wisconsin for a little bit, you’ve likely heard of Chef Mike – or at least seen him on Food Network or in several local publications. Chef Michael Lavin (aka Chef Mike) has been in the culinary world for more than 30 years (mostly in southern Wisconsin) and now he’s bringing his love of food and cooking for people to the Pier 290 family. Chef Mike has chosen the Lake Life!

Coming to Pier 290

Chef Mike Lavin of Lake Life CateringChef Mike has worked with Lake Geneva Cruise Line and as a caterer around Lake Geneva with great success. So when a conversation started about making a career change, he knew he couldn’t pass up working with Pier 290 to start Lake Life Catering.

“I’ve had great success around the lake, and I felt I had a chance to make lightning strike twice,” Chef Mike said.

Lake Life Catering

Chef Mike will be working with Pier 290’s Chef Tom Bottoms on executing on premise and off premise catering, and assisting the restaurant in furthering the Lake Life experience.

“We’re going to shake up the world. We’re changing how food is experienced on the lake,” Chef Mike said.

Pier 290’s goal with having a dedicated catering program is to not only provide great culinary options at Pier 290 and offsite, but also to cater more events on Lake Geneva.

“Our goal is to do more events on the boats, get our catering out on the lake,” Chef Mike said. “I’m very fortunate to get to be a part of milestone events in people’s lives.”

Chef Mike’s Story

Chef Mike was born and raised in Waukesha County. He trained in the culinary arts in the Midwest and out East, but that’s not where he started. Chef Mike actually started off going to school for business.

“Food was an unknown passion,” Chef Mike said.

Within two years of starting business school, Chef Mike knew it wasn’t for him and decided to take some cooking classes. Now 30+ years later, Chef Mike has worked in country clubs and hotels, and most recently he worked for a private grocery store as their executive chef where he developed a successful catering division.

“It’s an honor to be one of the chefs in southern Wisconsin who has lasted over time,” Chef Mike said.

Chef Mike loves cooking seasonal ingredients when they’re at their best.

“I love cooking food when it’s most flavorful. Keep things simple and delicious,” Chef Mike said.

Your Lake Life already begins with Gage. Let Lake Life Catering plan an amazing dining experience just for you on beautiful Lake Geneva or in your own home. Call us today to see how Pier 290 and Lake Life Catering can help with your next event.

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