Bill Gage, third generation steward of Gage Marine, realized shortly after taking the reins of the family business, that he would like to add a neighborhood friendly restaurant to the many lake centric services the 140-year-old company provides. He teamed with restaurateur and designer Patrick Hurd to create PIER 290.

The Gage Marina property went through a 3-year complete overhaul. The restaurant was designed to give a warm, comfortable lake feel with the re-purposing of many antique nautical pieces, various doors, boards, bricks, fixtures and other recovered items from all over the Lake Geneva area.

The Gage Marina Campus offers kayak and stand-up paddleboard rentals, as well as Yoga on the Beach. Gage Marine hosts Thursday Wake Nights and Wake Camps all summer. Together Gage Marina and PIER 290 Restaurant provide opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy lakeside living, even if they don’t have a home on the water.