Igloo Dining: Embrace Winter in Style

Winter is right around the corner, and what better way to embrace the season than by dining in a unique and cozy igloo overlooking the stunning Lake Geneva at PIER 290? Starting this November and running through March, you and your friends can indulge in a delightful lakeside experience like no other.

An Igloo for All Seasons

At PIER 290, our goal is to make every meal unforgettable. We’ve created an experience that transcends seasons. Imagine dining in our new crystal-clear igloos with loved ones, enjoying Lake Geneva’s beauty year-round. Whether it’s the golden hues of fall or the serene magic of winter, our igloos offer a unique perspective. These cozy spaces accommodate up to six people, striking the perfect balance between intimacy and spaciousness. The lakeside ambiance adds a touch of magic, making each visit as unique as the changing seasons.

Spectacular Views Await

lakeside igloos lit up at night

Igloo dining at PIER 290 is more than a meal; it’s an exciting experience. For lunch, enjoy stunning Lake Geneva views through our crystal-clear walls, elevating your midday meal to new levels of elegance. As the sun sets, our igloos come alive with vibrant LED lighting, creating a mesmerizing dinner ambiance. Whether you fancy daytime charm or evening allure, our igloo dining promises cherished, lasting memories.

A Feast for the Senses

One of the best things about our igloo dining experience is that you have full access to our mouthwatering menu. There’s no need to compromise on your dining options, as we do not impose any food or drink minimums. Whether you prefer hearty fall dishes or winter comfort food, Chef Hnilo has a menu that will delight your taste buds. From hearty and comforting entrees to delectable desserts, there’s something for everyone.

Warm and Cozy Ambiance

While the world outside may be frosty, our igloos are heated to ensure you stay warm and comfortable throughout your meal. The cozy and intimate ambiance creates the perfect atmosphere for reconnecting with friends or enjoying a romantic evening with your special someone. It’s a space where you can unwind, chat, and make memories while the snow falls gently outside.

Book Your Winter Experience Today!

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a lakeside adventure you’ll cherish forever. To book your igloo experience at PIER 290, visit our website. We can’t wait to welcome you for an unforgettable winter dining experience. Additionally, right next door to PIER 290, you’ll discover the winter harbor of Lake Geneva Cruise Line. From November 24 to December 30, they’re hosting a special winter boat tour, the Santa Cruise! Elevate your igloo dining adventure by adding a touch of holiday magic to your day with a delightful cruise before or after your meal.