Tips & Tricks to Igloo Dining

PIER 290 is thrilled to have you join us for a unique and cozy dining experience in our igloos. To make the most of your time, here are five tips to enhance your igloo dining adventure:


1. Dress appropriately for the weather

Our igloos are heated, but it’s also winter in Wisconsin. The wind from the lake plus the cold air when the server opens the igloo door to bring in your drinks or food can affect the temperature within the igloo. You may feel more comfortable with a warm sweater or winter coat. And don’t forget to keep your feet warm with toasty socks and cute boots! Feel free to bring your own blanket or use one of ours to stay warm and snuggly in your private winter wonderland!

2. Respect time limits

Embrace the enchanting experience of igloo dining while cherishing the importance of time. Our igloos offer a magical ambiance and to ensure everyone gets a chance to enjoy, we kindly request adhering to our time limits. Each reservation spans 1 hour and 45 minutes (105 minutes). Respecting these limits contributes to the smooth flow of reservations and guarantees every guest enjoys the wonder of our unique dining experience.

3. Book in advance

Secure your spot in our enchanting igloo dining experience by booking in advance! Reservations can be made through a PIER 290 hostess or conveniently online via our website. Keep in mind that igloo locations are assigned on the day of booking, and changes won’t be possible due to high demand. Plan ahead and guarantee your cozy igloo for a delightful dining experience—don’t miss out on the magic!

4. Embrace the ambiance

Dive into the serene ambiance of our igloos—quiet spaces designed for your unique experience. Feel free to personalize your time by bringing your own Bluetooth speaker. Whether it’s crafting a romantic evening or enjoying throwbacks with friends, our igloos offer a canvas for your perfect moments. Embrace the tranquility, curate your atmosphere, and make every visit uniquely yours. It’s not just dining; it’s an immersive journey into the ambiance you desire.

5. Prepare for the weather

Wisconsin winters call for unpredictable weather and dramatic temperature fluctuations. If, upon your arrival for your igloo dining experience, the weather conditions are below 15°F, experiencing heavy rain, or enduring a heavy snowfall, we may kindly request you to relocate your reservation to an indoor table within PIER 290. Our primary concern is the safety and well-being of both our valued customers and dedicated servers, and we appreciate your understanding in these exceptional circumstances.


Now that you’ve learned our tips and tricks, it’s your turn to take on igloo dining – Book Now!